Cleaning Grout Quickly and Effective Grout Cleaners

A kitchen or a bathroom with a ceramic tile wall or counter top is a thing of beauty when it is clean. This is particularly true when the grout between the tiles looks good as that clean appearance literally makes the room sparkle. Once the tile is in place, it is not hard to keep the grout looking good.

To prolong the appearance and integrity of grout, it is essential that the proper grout cleaner be used. There are several types from which to choose. You may want something strong, even harsh, or maybe you would prefer something gentler, even organic. Commercial tile cleaners can also be effective for grout. If there is a stubborn stain, it may be necessary to use a coloring agent on the grout to improve the appearance.

A typical grout cleaning job should take about ten to twenty minutes. If the grout remains dark or dingy, laundry bleach is one product to consider as an alternative, as is ammonia; however, if you use one be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water, then dry before using the other. If that approach is ineffective, a grout pen of the appropriate color could help.

When using chemicals stronger than a normal grout cleaner, rubber gloves and safety glasses are good precautionary measures to take. Tile Grout Cleaner If discolorations are more than just surface stains, a sponge may not be the right tool to use. Instead, consider using a brush, or a grout cleaning tool.

As another approach to¬†grout cleaning, you could abandon the store bought grout cleaner altogether by making your own grout cleaner. Combine baking soda with a little water to make a substance similar to pie crust dough. Massage this paste into the grout grooves between the tiles and scrub with a brush–a tooth brush may be easiest to use–then rinse with water.

If the discoloration persists, re-apply your home made paste in a thin coat then apply some white vinegar over the grout; there should be a foaming reaction. Rinse with water and dry with a paper towel.

Once your grout is clean, a good move would be to seal it with a silicone seal. This is a liquid that is wiped over the grout. Once it dries, it should keep stains from penetrating the grout and thus make future cleanup easier.

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