Edible Mushroom Cultivation in Field and Smaller Surface

Cultivating Mushroom for food features the growing of edible mushrooms for human consumption, which could be on a large or small scale. When growing them for business, you will have to carry out a market research to be able to understand the market demand. If your potential market is unaware about the benefit of this crucial food commodity, a lot will be considered; in terms of marketing strategies to inform on the uses of the produce. There are different types of edible mushrooms to cultivate among them the shiitake, Oyster mushrooms, white, Enoki and shimej. The white mushroom is the most cultivated type and it comes in different sizes with some being fleshlier and thick. Mushroom cultivation depends on the species you prefer; some types are quite tasty and preferred by most people.

To grow them you need a nursery with appropriate temperatures, which are usually moist. Unlike green plants, mushrooms will not rely on sunlight to grow; hence, they can grow in damp dark areas. Their growth will take only a few days within which you will see results. penis envy mushroom strain Cultivated mushrooms have a spontaneous growth, which starts overnight, and these usually take a few days to grow. They grow in two stages of the pin stage followed by the increase in stem size.

Ways to Cultivate Mushrooms:

You can grow mushrooms in different surfaces depending on your need. To grow edible mushrooms for commercial purposes you need a large space but home use cultivation is on small surfaces which you can do it by yourself. You can thus use:

1. field cultivation which is ideal for commercial production

2. in logs which can be home made

3. storage cabinets or containers with dampness

Cultivating mushrooms is a great endeavor since they make good food in gourmet restaurants and hotels. They provide a great garnishing to vegetarian meals and they are rich in vitamin B and essential minerals like copper and potassium. Field mushrooms like the Oyster, Morels, shiitakes and portabella can earn you a good amount of money if you get a good market supply like hotels and grocery stores.

Steps to Cultivate Mushrooms:

To get the most of your cultivation however, consider; the temperature and water levels of the environment. Damp, near dark conditions are great. This cheap venture will require a few seedlings in form of field spore seeds in their good state. To get them to grow, follow the following steps:

1. Prepare a 2-inch deep growth bed for cultivation

2. Fill the bed with damp soil and straw ( fertilizer is optional)

3. Check the humidity level of the bed which should be around 95 to 100%

4. Sprinkle the spawn and cover with wet cloth

5. Give the spores two to three weeks to grow

As they grow to maturity the stem and cap will separate, hence you can harvest them. For the best organic cultivation of the mushrooms, use fertilizer soil. This will give you healthy looking types that will have more quantity and quality in return.

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