Hair Transplant Surgery Can Improve Your Love Life

Hair loss may seem like a natural consequence of aging. You may even expect it to eventually happen to you after watching a family member go through it. But expecting hair loss and absorbing its effects can be dramatically different things with unexpected results. Just ask Lucas Rivner of Los Angeles, who eventually learned that hair transplant surgery can improve one’s life.

Lucas was in his early thirties when his hair began falling out. Before that, his life had been pretty good. He worked as a software technician with a great job and had his fair share of dates. He’d put off settling down, thinking he’d get to it in another year or two. But then his hair began to fall out. His hair loss happened it in front, along his hairline and before long saw the crown of his hair thinning out, too. Like so many people who eventually decide to get hair transplant surgery, Lucas first noticed his hair on his pillow in the morning and rinsing down the shower drain.

Lucas would spend an hour each morning in front of the mirror trying to cover the hair loss. He tried shampoos, over-the-counter hair loss products and even tried restyling his hair to hide his hair loss. But nothing really worked. He went into denial, never believing that the loss of his hair would progress far enough to merit a solution like hair transplant surgery. Lucas began hiding in his job, spending less and less time out in the world and particularly in the dating scene. His dating fell off to practically nothing and maybe it was his imagination, but he felt like he’d suddenly become invisible to women. They seemed to look right through him and his rapidly thinning hair.

Lucas lost the easy confidence he’d once had around women and the more invisible he felt, the worse became his bumbling efforts to connect with women who would have once found him attractive. He felt older than his years and not like himself at all. He was on the verge of swearing off dating altogether one day when a female co-worker and friend sat him down for a little pep talk. “Lucas,” she said, “it’s not your lack of hair that’s interfering with your love life, it’s your lack of confidence. Women like a man with confidence. It makes them feel safe.”

For a few days, he thought about this. Then he realized she was right. His perception that he’d become invisible was his own. Somehow, he had to find himself again because it had begun to affect all areas of his life. So, how exactly was he going to get his confidence back? On the Internet, he Googled “hair loss solutions” and found quite a few sites talking about advances in hair transplant surgery. Haartransplantation¬† hamburg After performing his due diligence he chose hair transplant doctor with a great reputation and made an appointment to go in and talk to him.

His first appointment convinced him that he was heading in the right direction. The hair transplant doctor told him about the high success rates they had achieved with hair transplant surgery and he showed Lucas photos. He explained to Lucas that he was an excellent candidate because he had good donor hair at the back of his head. Plus, she explained, despite the admittedly expensive price of hair transplants, because of his age, he could expect to spend less over his lifetime doing hair transplant surgery than if he went with nonsurgical hair systems that would always require maintenance and updating. Hair transplants, once done are permanent and becomes your own real growing hair. The hair transplants will not fall out because it’s not hair that’s genetically predisposed to do so.

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