Will Organic Baby Toys Keep Your Baby Safe?

Organic Baby Toys are unique and fun for your baby, plus its a great way for your to help protect the environment and your baby’s health.

Choosing the right organic baby toy is very important, so here is a guide to what you need to know to make the best choices. This to look for:

Avoid Lead in Toys

I don’t know if you remember, a few years back a huge batch of toys from China has to be recall because it the high lead levels they contain.

Lead poisoning present great dangers, especially to children since their immune systems are still developing.

So its very important to avoid toys painted in lead based paints. Xe chòi chân cho bé Lead paint has been banned for decades, but some environmentally conscious and fugal parents will buy second hand or vintage toys with all the best intentions but many of these toys may contain lead.

Tip: Simple rule; if you’re not sure about a toys origin, don’t buy it!

Unhealthy Toxins

One of the biggest benefits of choosing organic baby toys is knowing that they are not filled with unhealthy toxins. Although their are standard and guidelines set by the government for toy manufacturers there are still products used during the manufacturing process that can cause harm to you children.

Tip: One of best way to know if their issues with you baby toys, is to regularly visit the product recall page on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Flag Potentially Unsafe Toys

Being proactive is a great way to protect you child against certain toys, before they have been deemed unsafe by government agencies.

Specific Toxins To Look For:

Phthalates – this is used to make plastic toys more flexible

Bisphenol A (BPA) – This is often found in baby bottles

Both of these toxins are banned in many places, but they may still slip through the system.

Tip: Sometimes products containing these items can be found on discounts stores, and flea markets.

Is It Possible to Avoid Plastic Toys?

No its not, but you can choose BPA-free and PVC-free toys. This is the best way to ensure that plastic baby toys will not harm your child.

Safe Toy Buying Tips:


  • All art supplies you purchase must be labeled “nontoxic
  • Monitor the toy recall websites
  • Check all toy labels for ingredients


It can be very worrying to read about the toxins that some children toys may contain, the truth is that most US manufactures abide by the strict standard set out by the government. But organic baby toys is a great option not only because its better for your baby health, but its good for the environment, and thats the best gift you can give your baby.

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